Julia Dekleva-Leko, the preschool's Director, is American and a longtime resident of Vienna.  She oversees the classroom activities on a daily basis and coordinates each year's curriculum.

Trudy Dekleva, the preschool's co-founder and Educational Advisor, is a Montessorian with an M.A. degree in philosophy.  She taught ethics at two universities before committing herself to the preschool.  Ethics of the person is at the forefront of her teaching philosophy.  Mrs. Dekleva has lectured and published on early childhood education.

Gregor Dekleva, the preschool's Administrative Secretary, holds a B.A. in international relations and a postgraduate degree in international studies. He also holds a Montessori primary level diploma. He teaches the art extension course at the preschool.  Gregor is American and a longtime resident of Vienna.

Petra Nardelli holds a B.A. from the University of Split in Croatia in early childhood education as well as a Montessori extension diploma from Montessori Center International London.  She has been on the teaching staff since 2015.

Crystell Hager holds a degree in mathematics from the New Era University, Quizon City, the Philippines.  She taught English as a second language prior to joining the preschool in 2017.

Jan Tegtmeyer, the music teacher, holds a degree from the University of Music and Applied Arts in Vienna in music theory and composition and is a violist.  He has taught music at the preschool for nearly a decade.  He is actively involved in the musical arrangement of the two performances given each year by the children for parents and their friends.

Marina Stojiljkovic has been with the preschool for nearly two decades.  She is responsible for the daily hot meals and is the preschool's general maintenance person. 

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