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I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the amazing three years we spent together in your your wonderful and professional environment.

Over the past three years our son David spent with you we have seen a great transformation of a small toddler into a grown-up kid who not only turned out to speak English very well but also received a very fine preschool education.  For that I am grateful to you!

The Montessori educational system proved itself a great one which brings kids to the first and probably most important stage of their lives.  Without your special input and personal attention this would not have been possible.

Once again I would like to thank all of you for a great three years we spent together in this family-preschool environment which you so successfully run.  At this stage we are taking a break until David's brother Nathan is ready to join the Toddler Program.

I wish all of you great success, prosperity, and most importantly good health to keep up the great work you do, this for many years to come.

With best wishes,

Eduard Goldovskiy and family, August 2018

Our daughter entered the International Montessori Preschool (IMP) at the age of three as a curious young toddler just starting to express herself verbally and finding a way to make friends.  Three years later she graduated as a confident and eloquent young girl comfortably able to read and do basic arithmetic! 

Following our initial discovery of Montessori at a different "baby school" we were unsure if we would find a preschool to match.  Soon after our daughter began her education at the International Montessori Preschool we saw that we had found the right place for her.  The nurturing yet structured Montessori system is very well implemented at the school and the children are given guidance in learning new skills and the freedom to learn them at their own pace.  The children learn to share and care for each other, respect the needs of others and to be sociable.  We found great value in the weekly "show and tell" sessions which teach the children to speak and present in front of their peers in a fun way. 

Children at the Preschool are encouraged to try new skills and challenged to push themselves.  The music and art programs are both educational and fun and two concerts per year are always very well designed  and enjoyed by all performing and attending. 

The hot lunch prepared in-house is also a great hit with the children.  Even the pickiest children end up raving about the chicken-noodle soup and the mac-and-cheese, claiming that they are second to none!  The students learn to serve food and tidy up afterwards as part of the many practical life skills taught during the day.

The kind atmosphere where each child is an individual, the genuine affection shown to the children and the community feeling among the parents turn the IMP into an extended family.

Our daughter had a happy experience and started her elementary school instilled with confidence and the eagerness to learn.  When asked what advantage the Montessori system has over other preschools, Mrs. Dekleva once described Montessori preschool education as providing children with a backpack full of skills - now we understand what she meant.  At only six years of age our daughter truly has a wealth of skills and the ability and courage to ask questions to receive or give help.

True to the Montessori philosophy of teaching task completion, we can honestly say that as far as our daughter's preschool education goes, at the IMP the task was extraordinarily well completed!

- The Uribe Family, August 2018

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