Mission Statement

Dr. Maria Montessori's educational philosophy and method are at the center of the preschool's activity.  From its inception the preschool has adhered to a Montessori curriculum with the child at its center.  The primary emphasis lies on early childhood education from toddlerhood through the first stage of development (2-6 years).

The prepared environment serves to engage the child with the world in which it lives, raising its consciousness in all areas:  practical life, sensorial, language, math, botany, science, geography, and cultural areas including music and art.

A child's capabilites and a well prepared environment are both key factors in a child's intellectual development.  The roles they play in determining a child's real-world outcomes are evidenced in tangible as well as immaterial progress in and out of the classroom setting.  

The importance of this first stage of development in the child's overall learning path is central to our teaching.  We provide fundaments and support a child's needs to understand its role in the Montessori community and educational setting.  Preschool is an encounter with someone and something desired colored by joys and sorrows, gifts and needs, abilities and shortfalls.  Awareness of one's own creative potential means coming to know the source of one's innermost goodness and finding expressions which encourage and enrich it.

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