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Julia Dekleva-Leko, Director, has taught in Montessori preschool settings for nearly three decades. She founded the first privately-run Montessori preschool in Austria in 1987 since 1934. She is AMI trained and has graduated nearly 1000 students from the preschool over the past quarter century. Julia is American and calls Vienna her second home.

Trudy Dekleva, Educational Advisor and co-founder of the preschool, is a passionate Montessorian with higher degrees in philosophy. Her teaching career spans from preschool to university, where ethics of the person has been at the forefront of her teaching. She has worked for more than a quarter of a century at the International Montessori Preschool Vienna. Mrs. Dekleva has lectured and published on early childhood education.

Gregor Dekleva, Administrative Secretary, has a degree in Montessori primary education and serves the preschool in an administrative capacity. In addition to his administrative role he is instrumental in developing the art and music programs as well as a liaison between the preschool and the City of Vienna. Gregor makes Vienna his home and has been with the preschool for more than two decades. He is American.

Petra Nardelli joined the preschool in February 2015.  She graduated from the University of Split, Croatia, with a B.A. in early childhood education.  She is fluent in English and has chosen Vienna as her new home.

Jan Tegtmeyer, music teacher, is an accomplished violist in his own right. He holds a Mag. Cum Artium from the University of Music and Applied Art in Vienna in music theory. He is also a composer and helps to develop each semester's end-of-term children's performance. He is German-English bilingual.

Marina Stojiljkovic, general maintenance person and cook, has been with the preschool since 2005. She is responsible for the everyday upkeep of the preschool environment and for the hot-lunch program.