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Mission / Director's Statement

Montessori's philosophy and method are at the center of our teaching activity.

The Preschool from its onset in 1987 prepares the child for the world it lives in, offering not only valuable tools but approaches which heighten its awareness of being a child. Capability is only one determinant of a child's ability to embrace its surroundings. Environment and maximal understanding of our role in it is as important as a child's intellectual development.

The Montessori method offers an individualized program which supports both strengths and needs of each child in the classroom, reinforcing positive growth experiences. Children are motivated by different subjects, objects, and approaches, yet each child has the ability to discover an approach within the classroom and the greater community which together bear fruit when introduced at an early age.

The importance of the child's role in preparation for further steps along its educational path remains central to the IMP's educational philosophy which provides the fundaments a child needs to understand its position in family, educational setting, and community. Freedom to the child is more than merely being able to do. Preschool is like an encounter with someone and something we seek, an encounter colored by joys and sorrows, gifts and needs, abilities and shortcomings. Being aware of one's own creative potential means also coming to know the source of one's innermost goodness and also how and where that goodness is encouraged. The unfolding of the child's personality marks a process which calls for awareness, willingness, application, thought, identification, and resolution.
We at the The International Montessori Preschool Vienna believe that the child profits immensely at an early age, developing not only language and cognitive skills but foremost a consciousness about the world in which it lives.

Director's Statement

My journey of more than a quarter century of teaching Montessori began with the founding of the International Montessori Preschool Vienna, Austria in 1987. 
The IMP owes much to the enormous encouragement of my family and supportive parents from the Austrian and international communities.  The challenge of opening the first Montessori Children's House in Vienna since WWII was great.  With the full support of Emma Plank, who had trained with Dr. Maria Montessori and had just returned from America to Austria to give a lecture on Montessori, I felt myself in good hands to set out with high hopes to discover and further the highest potential of every child.  Since 1987, nearly one thousand students have graduated from the IMP, bearing witness to the lasting effect of such an education.  Many graduates are now at university level and thereafter return on their professional journey through Vienna to tell us of just how much they enjoy and value their early Montessori experiences.
 To put my work in a nutshell, Montessorians are life-long learners and confident young people whom we continue to spur on the way to higher pursuits.

Julia Dekleva-Leko