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Parent Opinion

Our daughter has been at the IMP for more than three years and I am very happy to say that this was the right kindergarten for her. I chose the preschool primarily because it offers education in English. During our last vacation in an English-speaking country I could see my little girl express herself adequately and with an excellent English accent. The many positive comments from native speakers we got made us very happy. I'm not sure how the preschool succeeds in teaching the language to this extent to the children, and I had first doubts as to whether it's possible, as a good part of the children speak German. I was aware of what Montessori teaching methods mean in theory. During the last years I saw how it works in practical terms: Social skills the children learn at the preschool will be useful to them in the future. Children from different countries and cultures learn to work and play together, develop and use a common language, laugh together and solve little day-to-day problems in an admirable way. I also saw how respectfully very dedicated teachers under the guidance of an excellent Director deal with the children and how much they inspire and tactfully support the interest of the child which leads to joyous learning and learning a lot. I am impressed that the children understand long processes and enjoy remembering how proudly they bring home self-made presents which they made with much effort and diligence over a certain period of time. I also found it very helpful that children are taught practical things like ironing or cleaning or helping serve during lunch (among my child's favorites)... and I should mention that it is also a valuable experience for the children to have hot lunch prepared in the preschool every day. I was also happy that special events were celebrated - St. Martin's Feast, Halloween, Thanksgiving (the American way)... to mention a few.

Parent of the Preschool (2014)


My 4-year-old boy /girl twins have been attending the IMP for the past 1.5 years. I must say that, during the time, they have grown to become motivated, curious and sociable children. Above all, it's been a great relief, and indeed joy, for us the parents to see our children enjoy going to the Preschool every morning and to hear them saying aloud "We had a great day!" at day's end.

To put it most simply, here at the IMP, children are not left to just 'hang out' in the classroom. Over time, children are carefully guided to explore their own interests and experience a sense of accomplishment, which I think forms a valuable foundation for the lifetime. This is possible due to the high level of individual care and attention children receive from the Montessori-trained teachers. Whenever I speak with the teachers, I am often pleasantly surprised by how accurately they understand about my children - everything from their talents to emotional needs.


I would not hesitate to recommend the IMP to any parent who wants to provide their children with a quality kindergarten experience.

April Park : Ian & Joanne Song (2014)